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Umbria Jazz

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

Jazz fans around the world rejoice! Umbria Jazz Festival 2020 is just around the corner. This event, which is held twice a year in Winter and in Summer, is not just an important event on the Italian jazz lover’s calendar. It’s an important event all the world over, with devotees of the genre flocking from all corner of the globe for over 45 years. If you’re a jazz fan who has often longed to see the outstanding beauty of the Umbria region of Italy, the festival is a wonderful way to slake your thirst for travel while also getting to enjoy some of the finest jazz acts from around the world.

And if you’re thinking of joining us for this wonderful event, you’ll need to make sure that you’re prepared to have a perfect stay with accommodation as wonderful as the acts you’ll be seeing take to the stage.

The history of the Umbria Jazz Festival

The Umbria Jazz Festival has been a highlight on the international jazz calendar since the first festival was held in 1973. In the decades since, the festival has been held in multiple spaces across Perugia with a diverse range of international headliners taking to the stage from Tony Bennett Gilberto Gil to Caetano Veloso and Lady Gaga.

Where and when- Umbria Jazz Festival Dates

This summer, Umbria Jazz 2020 will take place from Friday the 10th to Sunday the 19th July 2020, and will take place in the historic centre of Umbria’s capitol, Perugia. This festival has a mainstage next to the Dumo, and a smaller stage at the other end of town! Dates have yet to be announced for the 2020 winter festival but last year’s took place from 28th of December 2019 up until New Year’s Day 2020.

Headliners for 2020 include Lenny Kravitz, Steffano Bollani, Veronica Swift & Emmet Cohen Trio and the San Francisco Jazz Collective.

You can check out a detailed programme of the festival’s events right here.

Show your love for “Italy’s Green Heart”

You may be visiting Umbria for the Jazz Festival program, but it’s the stunning views, friendly locals and wealth of outdoor adventures that will keep you coming back time after time. Umbria is known as “Italy’s Green Heart” for its wealth of stunning verdant outdoor spaces and wealth of activities including hiking, mountain biking, caverning or even roaming the woods in search of truffles.

Or simply enjoy a delicious meal and a glass of wine as you marvel at the wealth of stunning medieval architecture.

A great festival needs great accommodation

One of the best parts about the Umbria Jazz Festival is that it’s free! And an event this momentous requires beautiful and relaxing accommodations to enjoy alongside the music. Treat yourself to a stay in the stunning Casa Nestore luxury self catering holiday apartments. This gorgeous traditional stone farmhouse is in easy reach of Umbria’s capital Perugia and surrounded by stunning greenery where you can relax in your down time. All rooms are fully centrally heated and beautifully decorated and appointed. If you feel like a dip, there’s also a solar-heated swimming pool which guests are free to enjoy.

Make your visit to the Umbria Jazz Festival one that you’ll never forget with a stay at Casa Nestore apartments. Rooms are booking up fast, so get in touch with us today to avoid disappointment.

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