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Thing to do in Perugia

Where is Perugia in Italy?

Perugia is located in the north half of Umbria in Central Italy, making it a paramount place for tourists to visit which dates back to Etruscan times which pres date Rome. A city that overflows with history and beauty is southeast of Florence and north of Rome. Perugia is the perfect old city to experience modern day life. Perugia has an airport, San Francesco d'Assisi just east of the city less than 20 minutes away. The way to travel around the city is through the minimetro. The Perugia minimetro is the metro system and makes the adventurous possibilities of where to go endless. Perugia is very hilly, which makes people more inclined to take the bus and minimetro.

Things To Do In Perugia

-Perugia is home to one of the world’s most famous and notable jazz festivals. Originating in 1973, the jazz festival usually takes place in July. Some of the artists who have performed include the electric James Brown, Earth, Wind & Fire, Lady Gaga, Elton John, and more. The star-studded list goes for miles. The Umbria Jazz Festivalis a once in the lifetime experience.

-Not only is Perugia known for its jazz festival but also the Eurochocolate Festival. The city is home to one of the largest chocolate festivals and one of the most famous chocolate factories. The Perugia Chocolate Company is known for Baci, which is a bite-sized creamy dark chocolate with a whole hazelnut at its centre. Each of the chocolate wrappings contain a love note on the inside. One bite into the rich Perugia chocolate and you’ll be whisked away into another world.

-There are many sights to see as Perugia Italy radiates history. The Etruscan Arch is one to be admired. It provided an official entrance into the city when it was originally built during the third century B.C. The Arch is surrounded by other sights like the Piazza IV Novembre with many bars and restaurants and café

-You can’t go to Italy without indulging your taste buds into a cheesy slice of pizza. Pizzidea Piazza Grimana, another restaurant that is near the Etruscan Arch, provides typical Umbrian fareat a low prices.

-Admire artwork from the 13th to 19th century in a medieval palace. The National Gallery is aesthetically filled from the inside out. The collections display the great culture of Perugia. Is

Perugia Safe? Yes, Perugia is a safe city. The reports of violent crimes are low and rare. It is also rare for crime to happen to tourists. The beautiful Perugia Italy is peaceful and soulful.

The months to visit and enjoy Perugia are May, June, July, August, and September. To put it simply, the prime summer months are the best time to bask in the rural gothic city.

Casa Nestore provides guests with a self-catering apartment in the style of a Umbrian farmhouse. The charm of staying in the old city while having modern day necessities is carried over into where you stay, truly immersing you into Umbrian and Italian culture. Staying at Casa Nestore gives the stay in Perugia more worthwhile. One step into the city will feel like stepping into the ancient past.

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