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Holiday in Umbria!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Do you need to get away from the humdrum of life for a while? Are you desperate to recharge your batteries in a beautiful location that will take your breath away? Here at Casa Nestore, our holiday rentals in Umbria are precisely what you need to explore a stunning part of the world while de-stressing.

Our traditional Umbrian self-catering apartments with a modern twist, have everything you could want for your holidays in Umbria.

So, what are you waiting for? Italy won't come to you!

Casa Nestore Apartments

Your accommodation sets the tone for your holiday, which is why we provide the best rentals in the area. As well as differing in style and tone for each customer's taste, our holiday rentals in Umbria come with various features that focus on comfort, security and entertainment. For example, all of our guests have access to a heated swimming pool and private outdoor areas. Inside, you'll find a fully-functioning kitchen as well as an LCD TV, a wood/pellet burner, and a large sun deck.

All apartments come with complimentary wifi and secure parking.

Booking A Holiday in Umbria

Usually, you'd need to be a millionaire to afford a fully-equipped apartment in Italy with a private pool and outdoor area. Here at Casa Nestore, we don't believe a region such as Umbria should only be available to the rich and famous, which is why prices are incredibly competitive. Depending on the apartment you chose, you can rent your holiday accommodation from as little as €60 per night. And, the Oliva apartment comfortably sleeps up to three people, reducing your costs even further. If multiple bedrooms are essential, the Fico apartment is a perfect option at under €100 a night.

Of course, if you need an apartment that easily fits eight people, then you can rent both as there is an internal door that connects the properties. All you need to do is use our booking tool to check out availability and terms and book your holiday in Umbria, Italy now. You won't regret it!

Visiting Umbria

There are hundreds of places to visit and see in Europe, so why choose Umbria? After all, Italy itself has fantastic destinations such as Rome, Venice and Florence. The answer is simple: an Umbria farmhouse rental feels untouched. Rather than the hustle and bustle of a tourist trap, you get to experience fine dining and medieval architecture surrounded by rolling hills in a tranquil setting. Whether it's checking out the region's capital, Perugia, or visiting a vineyard, you'll be struck by the quiet in this classical setting. However, you'll never be bored as there is a mix of laidback and exciting towns and cities to visit.

And if the bars and restaurants of Umbria aren't enough and experiencing Italy's 'Green Heart' in all its glory, Tuscany only a stone's throw away!

Casa Nestore Holiday Apartments in Umbria

Italy is a place you should explore at every opportunity, and Umbria is a destination not to be missed. With our comfortable and flexible apartments, you'll have an excellent base to call home. 

Get in touch now to find out how to book.

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