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Umbria bordering Tuscany, Lazio and Le Marche. Often called Italy's green heart, it’s known for its medieval hill towns, dense forests and local cuisine, particularly foraged truffles and wines. Hilltop Perugia, the regional capital, is the site of medieval Palazzo dei Priori, housing the Galleria Nazionale dell' Umbria art museum. Pedestrianized Corso Vannucci is the focus of city life.

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On a hill above a valley patterned with fields, where the River Tiber runs swift and clear, Perugia is Umbria's petite and immediately likeable capital. Its centro storico rises in a helter-skelter of cobbled alleys, arched stairways and piazzas framed by magnificent palazzi. History seeps through every shadowy corner of these streets and an aimless wander through them can feel like time travel.


Perugia is a party-loving, pleasure-seeking university city, with students pepping up the nightlife and filling cafe terraces. The hopping summer event line-up includes one of Europe's best jazz festivals.



As if cupped in celestial hands, with the plains spreading picturesquely below and Monte Subasio rearing steep and wooded above, the mere sight of Assisi in the rosy glow of dusk is enough to send pilgrims' souls spiralling to heaven. It is at this hour, when the pitter-patter of day tripper footsteps have faded and the town is shrouded in saintly silence, that the true spirit of St Francis of Assisi, born here in 1181, can be felt most keenly. Though certainly at its heart a religious destination, Assisi's striking beauty and pristinely preserved medieval centro storico and UNESCO-listed Franciscan structures are a fabled haven that will compel and electrify visitors of any motive

Lago Trasimeno


Discover small, traditional fishing villages, hidden olive groves, and a smattering of castles at Lake Trasimeno, the largest body of water in peninsular Italy. Admire the area's churches, and learn about their connection with the region's Etruscan and medieval past. Take a dip in the lake's shallow waters at one of its many beaches, hop a boat to one of its small islands, or try a round of golf at a nearby course. Many of the waterside restaurants specialize in freshwater fish in addition to traditional Italian fare



Undoubtedly one of Umbria’s most beautiful hilltop towns, close to the border with Lazio – sits high atop a volcanic butte overlooking the scenic plains of the Umbrian southwest. The town’s crowning glory is the magnificent Orvieto Cathedral, the 14th-century Gothic jewel known for its vibrant facade and Renaissance painter Luca Signorelli’s awe-inspiring frescoes in the Chapel of San Brizio. Below Orvieto lies a magical myriad of Etruscan-era tunnels and grottos variously used as wine storage, World War II bomb shelters and a means of escaping sieges during their 2,500-year history.

Marmore falls

Green meadows, thick forests, teeming streams, hidden gorges and towering waterfalls create all together a painting of rare beauty: we are in Valnerina, one of the most beautiful areas in Umbria region. The Nera River Park, better known as “Waters' Park”, because of its hydrographic abundance, offers visitors an unspoilt natural landscape, populated by a rich variety of flora and fauna. 

In the park there are the famous Marmore Falls, a mass of water that falls from a height of 165 metres: a breathtaking spectacle originated by nature's spontaneity and human intelligence. Their origin, in fact, dates back to Roman times, when Roman Curia pit was originally dug. By means of this plumbing system work, the waters' flow from the area of Velino was directed towards the area of Nera via a route that included the exact drop where, today, it is possible to admire these beautiful waterfalls. 

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